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Crunchyroll website hacked and malware affected some users

Hacks that target major websites are nothing new, but Crunchyroll.com just suffered a particularly vicious attack. The anime streaming service was compromised for a few hours on November 4th after hackers planted a fake home page that pushed a malicious “CrunchyViewer” malware to visitors. If Windows users were trusting enough to launch the file, it installed a mysterious background process

Know your cyber business threats

Most Common Cyber Threats Phishing   Phishing is an act of deception in which bad actors aka hackers endeavor to secure personal data, for example, usernames, passwords and credit card numbers or bank accounts. They aim to lure or lead people to fake websites where they trick their victims into providing their personal information. Generally,

10 Facts about Ransomware in 2017

1. Ransomware attacks are up 250% since last year 2. A company is hit with ransomware every 40 seconds 3. An individual is hit with ransomware every 10 seconds 4. Paying the ransom doesn’t guarantee that you will get your data back – 20% of all businesses and individuals did not get their files after