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Poorly written code exposing businesses online

Old and sloppily written code is exposing businesses to hackers, new research has warned, with the financial sector at the highest risk. After reviewing more than 278 million lines of code in 1,388 applications worldwide, researchers have found 1.3 million weaknesses which could allow hackers to take advantage of corporate systems. Research by software company

Know your cyber business threats

Most Common Cyber Threats Phishing   Phishing is an act of deception in which bad actors aka hackers endeavor to secure personal data, for example, usernames, passwords and credit card numbers or bank accounts. They aim to lure or lead people to fake websites where they trick their victims into providing their personal information. Generally,

Coinhive DNS server used to mine monero crypto currency by unknown hacker

Password reuse allowed an obscure hacker to assume control over Coinhive’s DNS server and supplanting it with a JavaScript in-browser Monero cryptominer. A Coinhive representative disclosed to Technology site Bleeping Computer that the episode happened on October 23, at around 22:00 GMT, and was found and corrected a day later. The hacker logged into the