Category: Security Breach

25% of employees intentionally leak confidential company data

One in four UK employees have intentionally leaked confidential business information to individuals outside their organisations, surprising new research has revealed. In a survey of 2,000 UK workers, data privacy and risk management company Egress Software Technologies suggested that employees who leaked information were most likely to share data with competitors, or new or former

Crunchyroll website hacked and malware affected some users

Hacks that target major websites are nothing new, but just suffered a particularly vicious attack. The anime streaming service was compromised for a few hours on November 4th after hackers planted a fake home page that pushed a malicious “CrunchyViewer” malware to visitors. If Windows users were trusting enough to launch the file, it installed a mysterious background process

Coinhive DNS server used to mine monero crypto currency by unknown hacker

Password reuse allowed an obscure hacker to assume control over Coinhive’s DNS server and supplanting it with a JavaScript in-browser Monero cryptominer. A Coinhive representative disclosed to Technology site Bleeping Computer that the episode happened on October 23, at around 22:00 GMT, and was found and corrected a day later. The hacker logged into the

How secure is your password?

Most security breaches teach us that people use very common passwords for most of their online services. A recent article about the LinkedIn breach of 2012 where a hacker stole 6.5 million encrypted passwords revealed that many common passwords were used. Also the amount of data quoted in that article was incorrect as later it