Month: November 2017

Choosing a password manager

Credential theft is a challenging vulnerability to mitigate since it exploits a feature – that users must be able to log on to networks – rather than a configuration or programming error. The best solution to this problem is the use of two-factor authentication and/or VPNs between trust levels, but the implementation of these technologies

British police learning to hack

In the United Kingdom, cyber crime is reported every 10 minutes, the Office for National Statistics revealed. As technologies used by cyber criminals outpaces traditional law enforcement, it can be impossible to effectively prosecute criminals. Cybercrime can be near impossible for a traditional police force to tackle. That’s why police officers across the country are

Poorly written code exposing businesses online

Old and sloppily written code is exposing businesses to hackers, new research has warned, with the financial sector at the highest risk. After reviewing more than 278 million lines of code in 1,388 applications worldwide, researchers have found 1.3 million weaknesses which could allow hackers to take advantage of corporate systems. Research by software company

Hacker attempting to phish netflix customers

A hacker purporting to be Netflix is attempting to steal information from the subscription service’s more than 100 million customers via an email scam. Netflix subscribers have reported receiving emails that claim their membership must be re-validated and sensitive information should be provided in order to do so. According to USA Today, the email instructs subscribers

25% of employees intentionally leak confidential company data

One in four UK employees have intentionally leaked confidential business information to individuals outside their organisations, surprising new research has revealed. In a survey of 2,000 UK workers, data privacy and risk management company Egress Software Technologies suggested that employees who leaked information were most likely to share data with competitors, or new or former