10 Facts about Ransomware in 2017

1. Ransomware attacks are up 250% since last year

2. A company is hit with ransomware every 40 seconds

3. An individual is hit with ransomware every 10 seconds

4. Paying the ransom doesn’t guarantee that you will get your data back – 20% of all businesses and individuals
did not get their files after paying the ransom

5. The average ransom demand is up to around $1000 USD

6. 72% of company employees were locked out of their data for at least 2 days

7. 25% of all companies hit with ransomware have more than 1000 employees

8. 2/3 of all Ransomware infections this year have been delivered into a computer via remote desktop.

9. Phishing emails only account are no longer the preferred entry method for ransomware attacks.

10. 43% of IT consultants in the last year reported that one of their customers had been infected with ransomware




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