Canadians and Britons affected by Equifax Data Breach

An article that came out a few hours ago on the CBC website detailed two Canadian victims of the Equifax who were shocked after receiving letters that their information had also been compromised by the Equifax Data Breach.

Equifax Canada Breach

The data has compromised up to 8000 Canadians and approximately 44 million British accounts.

The types of data that has been leaked online is the following:

Social insurance number, name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address, username, password and secret question, secret answer, and your login credentials for use of the Equifax website.

The information leaked is quite shocking because most people usually use their email address and exact same password for every website login they encounter.  Also most websites ask the same secret questions as well for instance “mother’s maiden name or where you met your spouse”.  Once the proprietors of the information that is surely for sale on the dark web have that then they can logon to your bank or your government accounts and do even more damage.

You can check if you were compromised here:

If you are a victim of this data breach and want to limit the impacts to yourself personally you could do the following:

  • Change bank account and important website login usernames and passwords
  • Change your secret question and answers at any website you deem necessary
  • Add two-factor authentication to your accounts if its offered.  This often will allow a website to send a token or additional authentication request to your email or cellphone number.
  • Check your bank account and credit card statements to ensure you haven’t already been a victim of fraud.

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