What is two factor authentication

Authentication is how you identify yourself to a online service or website, a computer, or another technical system.  Authentication is measured in factors.  The most common mode of authentication is simple that uses a username and a password.  This factor of authentication is “something you know”.  Two factor authentication uses multiple factors to authenticate yourself

Securing Service Accounts

Service accounts are accounts used to run a particular service. They will commonly be created as part of an application’s installation procedure and have a few characteristics that can lead to significant security risks: Passwords are hard to change Single account will have access to numerous systems Accounts are often privileged A service account logs

Choosing a password manager

Credential theft is a challenging vulnerability to mitigate since it exploits a feature – that users must be able to log on to networks – rather than a configuration or programming error. The best solution to this problem is the use of two-factor authentication and/or VPNs between trust levels, but the implementation of these technologies

British police learning to hack

In the United Kingdom, cyber crime is reported every 10 minutes, the Office for National Statistics revealed. As technologies used by cyber criminals outpaces traditional law enforcement, it can be impossible to effectively prosecute criminals. Cybercrime can be near impossible for a traditional police force to tackle. That’s why police officers across the country are